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Renewable Energies in Greece with Saxovent

About us

Since Saxovent was founded in 1997, the company has been pursuing a major goal: to fuel the energy revolution (Energiewende) in Germany and thereby mitigate climate change.

Saxovent started off developing onshore wind farms. Over time we have become a successful investor in other renewable energies and sustainable projects. Today we are an independent holding company with a focus on medium-size companies and start-ups. As an operative investor, we seek out flexible cooperative partnerships and prefer to establish fruitful, long-term collaborations with our partners.

The big picture

We invest our own money as well as capital from our carefully selected partners. We also deliver expertise. We have more than 20 employees, who bring their longstanding experience, enthusiasm, and curiosity to Saxovent. We focus on expanding into new business areas, from renewable energy, to agriculture, real estate, and innovative new ventures. Together with our partners, we’re focused on the return on our investments (ROI) while always keeping the big picture in mind.


Energy from solar irradiation is sustainable, scalable and cost efficient; this is why it takes a central role in the emissions-free energy concept of the future and in Saxovent’s business activities.

Saxovent develops solar power projects for grid-connected utility scale power supply and for commercial and industrial customers via participations and in cooperation with our partners in fast-growing markets worldwide. As an experienced development partner and co-investor, we support all development phases from conceptualization through financing until plant operation and asset management.

Contact us if you are a developer of projects in promising markets or segments in the PV industry and look for a dependable and proficient partner or investor to realize your projects.

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Saxovent has been committed to wind energy since 1997 – with the belief that the production of clean energy is an eco-friendly and profitable investment in the future.

With 932.5 MW of installed nominal capacity (from 448 wind turbines) – 190,2 MW of which are run by us – we are one of Germany’s most important companies building onshore wind farms. This Together with our partners we’ve successfully developed numerous wind farms throughout Germany, as well as in France, Bulgaria and Poland. We would now like to bring this expertise to Greece as well.

The cornerstone of our work is project financing and structuring. We also develop profitable repowering solutions. As an independent energy provider, we operate our own wind turbines, sell wind farms we’ve built, and support our partners through every stage of our projects. We also assist our partners in commercial and technical management. Our subsidiary Windpunx is specialised in analyzing and optimizing wind turbines.

Are you looking for an investor who can provide support to ensure the smooth operation of your project? We’re available in Greece, Germany and beyond – get in touch and let’s evaluate your plan together.

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Please find below the information regarding Saxovent Greece Single Member P.C.:

a) NAME / ADDRESS OF THE PARTNERS / CATEGORY OF THE CONTRIBUTIONS (ΟΝΟΜΑ / ΔΙΕΥΘΥΝΣΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΩΝ / ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ ΕΙΣΦΟΡΩΝ): Saxovent International GmbH / Fritschenstrasse 27/28, 10585 Βερολίνο Γερμανίας / κεφαλαιακές εισφορές

b) MANAGER (ΔΙΑΧΕΙΡΙΣΤΗΣ): Carsten Paatsch



e) GEMI Νr. (ΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ ΓΕΜΗ): 159195901000

f) REGISTERED SEAT / ADDRESS (ΕΔΡΑ / ΔΙΕΥΘΥΝΣΗ): Αθήνα / Ιπποκράτους 7, ΤΚ: 10679

g) TIN (VAT) Nr. (ΑΦΜ): 801563029