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We are united with our employees in our shared goal of changing the world and stemming the tide of climate change. Our actions exemplify our beliefs, and we set great store by our transparent company culture – we value and appreciate everyone involved in our work. We promote entrepreneurship in all areas: from the initial idea to our shared success in implementing exciting, sustainable projects. As an employer, we value long-term, learning-oriented, family-friendly collaboration with our employees.

“My work contributes directly to the success of our company and, consequently, to climate action. The enormous degree of transparency at our workplace means that we regularly learn a great deal about individual projects – and beyond. Saxovent is an inspiring, socially responsible employer that cares about its employees’ personal needs. It is a workplace where we feel valued and respected – that’s a reflection of the company’s authenticity, and it instills trust.”

Anja Leben (Legal Assistant, part of the team since 2012)

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We pay fair salaries and offer a profit-sharing program that gives employees the opportunity to participate in the company’s financial success. Naturally, our employees have the flexibility to choose when and where they work.
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