We believe in taking responsibility
Our five core values guide our actions

By tapping into the power of nature, we are tackling climate change head-on and preserving our Earth as a livable planet for our children. Our values shape our conduct: responsibility, community, trust, passion, and longevity. Do you share these values? Then join us in our mission by becoming an employee or a partner!

We believe in taking responsibility.
Our experience and skills enable us to make a significant contribution to climate action – and consequently, we also have a special responsibility to the planet. We can’t afford to take a “wait and see” approach. We take the initiative – and that holds true for all aspects of our projects, large and small alike. Each and every one of us shoulders responsibility – in the process of selecting and implementing our projects, and in our day-to-day work. As a company, Saxovent also has a strong sense of responsibility toward our employees.
Together, we are strong.
As a team and in collaboration with our partners, we have one important mission: preserving our Earth as a livable planet for our children. Together, we can find better solutions and make more rapid progress. We support each other, grow together, and treat one another with respect and appreciation.
You can count on us.
We keep our promises: whether they involve scheduled appointments or planned services, or commitments to our business partners and colleagues. Our word is our bond. We always act with integrity.
We are truly passionate about our work.
We approach our projects with a sense of excitement and fascination. We love go-getters, technological innovation, and smart business ideas. The beauty and power of nature inspire us. And we, in turn, inspire others to join us in our mission.
We act with the future in mind.
We believe in long-term partnerships based on trust, appreciation, and loyalty. Our mission is to preserve our Earth as a livable planet. That’s why we always strive for lasting impact and long-term financial success in our projects. We start today, and we keep going until our projects are complete and our objectives successfully achieved.